Dave and Briggs (6a-9a Mon- Fri)

Dave and Briggs have been doing mornings on Country 103.1 FOREVER… okay it only feels that way but there’s no better way to greet your day than with these two.

More About Dave & Briggs

Kim Stewart (9a-12p Mon-Fri)

Kim brings lots of energy to her show and really knows how to connect with you.

Justin Tyler (12p-5p Mon-Fri)

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Denver, JT found his way into radio; after nearly 20 years on, it’s the perfect match for the kid in school who talked so much his desk was usually in the hall. Today, you can find JT probably in trouble with the bosses or rebuilding a classic Camaro. Old cars, poker, shooting pool, swimming and “stayin’ up late with some good ol’ PBR” keeps him ungrounded.

Tyler Reese (5p-10p Mon-Fri)

Tyler Reese grew up in a small town called Monticello, Wisconsin. After playing three sports in high school, he went on to attend the University of Wisconsin, graduating in Journalism and Broadcasting. He loves and has worked in radio since the age of 18, starting on his birthday, the first day he was old enough to be on the air. Radio has led him through Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN. His lovely wife, Kimmie, works in the record business on Music Row and they are both dog lovers with a 7-year-old Aussie/Lab mix rescue named Ellie and 4-year-old German Shepherd mix, Layla. You can usually find him grilling or cooking, exploring the outdoors, following his favorite sports teams… and he admits that he MAY have an Apple TV and Netflix problem.

Krystal Pino (10p-3a Mon-Fri)

Krystal was born and raised in Colorado. She comes from a big family and shares three daughters with her husband, Junior.  Krystal has been a radio and television personality for almost two decades. She is also a stand-up comic. In 2020, Krystal started a weekly lifestyle and entertainment Vlogcast with Crystal Stark. Candidly Krystal focuses on supporting local entertainers. Krystal airs every week on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Krystal is a Silver Mic recipient, receiving the prestigious award from Colorado State University-Pueblo in May 2005. She worked as a Girls Inc. Ambassador for Girls Inc. Denver from 2010-2012 and hosted the “Miracle Party: A Magical Night for Kids with Cancer” from 2010-2015. Krystal considers her work giving back to the community some of the best moments of her career.

Rick Taylor (3a-5a Mon-Fri)

I’ve known since I was about 10-years-old I wanted to be a disc jockey. Well, kind of. Originally I wanted to be a country singer, but that seemed a little out of reach, and if I couldn’t sing on the radio, I at least wanted to talk on it. It didn’t hurt that there was a radio station directly across the highway from where I was raised. I’ve been on the radio somewhere ever since, working in Shreveport, LA, Texarkana, AR, Dallas, TX, and on stations coast-to-coast. I’m happily single and my two boys are grown and on their own, so when I have time I love to drift fish or take my Bayliner out for a spin when the weather is nice. I also love spending time at home with my Min Pin, Puggle and Maine Coon. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to still be doing what I have always loved to do!